How to relieve arthritis pain?

There may not be a cure for arthritis, but it is possible to control the pain with light exercise, an anti-inflammatory diet and other tricks. Arthritis pain has several causes, including joint deterioration and autoimmune disease (rheumatoid arthritis). Whatever the cause of your arthritis, a few specific practices, including light exercise, a supervised diet, and soothing baths, can help relieve your pain. Before you change your arthritis care program, be sure to talk to your doctor.

Light exercises

Exercise is an area where the contribution of a health professional is particularly valuable. By forcing, you may worsen the pain, but light exercise almost always relieves arthritis pain. Start with gentle stretching to achieve light, low-impact exercises, such as walking or water aerobics. The bike is also indicated. Avoid high-impact exercises like running that can make your joint pain worse and pay attention to what your body tells you; If your arthritis starts to make you suffer, slow down and take it easy.

Take a bath

Clinicians in Sweden have demonstrated that a “climate therapy,” that is, bathing in the mineral-rich water of natural hot springs, can have a profound positive effect on arthritis pain. If you are not lucky enough to live near hot springs, you can achieve a similar effect with a bath with Epsom or Dead Sea salts. Otherwise, use hot showers and warm (not hot) compresses to promote circulation and relieve arthritis pain.

Monitor your diet

Some foods produce inflammation in the body which, in turn, worsens the pains of arthritis. Avoid foods that cause inflammation such as fried foods, white flour and sugar, and limit your intake of red meat and dairy products.Some foods are beneficial: opt for colorful fruits and vegetables, as well as all foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids or vitamin C. Cherries and colored berries are especially indicated to reduce inflammation.

Weight loss is recommended

Excess weight in the body results in extra pressure on your joints. By losing even a little weight while avoiding taking it back, you can reduce the pain of arthritis permanently.If practiced regularly, the same light exercises that soothe arthritis pain could help you lose weight without causing an attack.