20 Amazing Vaseline Tricks Worth Trying

In this article, we are going to show you 20 amazing things you can do with Vaseline.

Vaseline is a safe natural product that offers many benefits for the skin, nails and hair. Many women around the world use Vaseline on a daily basis.

Here are 20 good reasons why you should start using Vaseline every day:

  • If you want to have smooth and flexible elbows, apply Vaseline to them.
  • You can also use Vaseline if your lips are chapped.
  • Apply Vaseline to your eyelashes 30 minutes before going to bed. This will make them longer and thicker.
  • You should massage your feet with Vaseline every night before going to bed. This will make your feet smooth and soft (or try this simple trick: before you shower, mix with sea salt and petroleum jelly and use it).
  • Vaseline is also very useful for massaging your shoulders.
  • You can also use Vaseline as a makeup removal tool. It’s very simple: just soak a cotton ball in Petroleum jelly and gently remove the makeup from your skin.
  • During cold and winter days, Vaseline will protect your skin from the cold. How to use it? Simply apply Vaseline to your skin before going out.
  • Ladies, apply Vaseline to your cheeks and you will look younger.
  • Vaseline also helps bushy eyebrows. All you have to do is take a clean wick wand and comb your eyebrows.
  • Vaseline as an alternative to mascara?! Yes, and it’s very simple – just apply Vaseline to your eyelashes, it will make them more natural and give them a dark look.
  • You can get a drop of Vaseline into the scalp before shampooing. This will make your hair shiny.
  • Apply Vaseline to your skin after shaving!
  • Vaseline is very useful for dyeing hair. Simply apply Vaseline to the hairline and ears before dyeing your hair if you have problems with pimples or a burning sensation. This method is 100% effective and safe.
  • Stop using the old-fashioned lip gloss and replace it with natural Vaseline. Your lips will be shiny and look much fuller.
  • Your perfume will last much longer. Simply apply Vaseline to the area where you usually apply your favourite perfume.
  • Vaseline is also very useful if you have acne problems, as it does not clog pores, but it fills in the gaps in lipid barriers, which will make your skin shinier and the complexion even.
  • Vaseline is also very effective in moisturizing the skin.
  • You can make the skin on your knees soft again. All you have to do is apply Vaseline to your lap.
  • Rub a small amount of Vaseline on your polished nails. This will give them a shiny new look again.
  • Last but not least, you can apply Vaseline to your breasts to increase their size. It’s very simple – just apply Vaseline before going to bed and that’s it!