How to sleep well? 11 tips to sleep better

How to sleep better? Sleep disorders are not inevitable. It is often enough to respect a few rules to find the pleasure of a good night’s sleep. Activities and drinks to banish, comfort of the room … Follow our tips to regain quality sleep.

Avoid caffeine and theine

Coffee fans will be disappointed, better to have your last espresso after lunch. Similarly, regarding tea and cola drinks, it is better to stop them after 4 pm. It is indeed proven that caffeine lengthens the time of falling asleep and shortens the time of sleep. Instead, drink a herbal tea of soothing plants (linden, verbena, chamomile or orange blossom, but also passionflower, valerian, hawthorn and hops), or a glass of warm milk that exerts a side effect.

No sport in the evening

Sports activity is great for your health, but it’s better to schedule your jogging, gym or swimming session in the morning or during the lunch break rather than in the evening. Indeed, from 7 p.m., the body temperature begins to drop, a sign that the body is preparing for rest. By increasing the heart rate, sports practice maintains a higher body temperature and wakes up the body, thus disrupting the biological rhythm. If your schedule does not allow you to practice during the day, take a warm shower, and wait at least 2 hours after the end of your session to go to bed.

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