Best Time Management Techniques

Time and priority management is a complex and fascinating subject that obsesses companies. The Pomodoro method is aimed at all those who wish to automatically and optimize their working time. The Eisenhower matrix is very useful for prioritizing your tasks. The NERAC method makes it easy to plan and analyze your activities. The GTD method is a very complete system that can change your life. The 80/20 law allows you to focus on the essentials. To have satisfactory results, choose a time management method adapted to your objectives.

The Pomodoro method: improving your daily productivity

The Pomodoro method is one of the recognized tools for the organization of working time. Its goal is to help you focus as much as possible when you are working on a task. The Pomodoro technique requires only a timer. You can use it easily on a daily basis.

The Pomodoro method consists of dividing your working time into 25-minute sessions. Between each pomodoro (25-minute session), you take a 5-minute break. After four sessions of 25 minutes of work, a break of 20 to 30 minutes is granted, before starting the Pomodoro method again at the beginning.

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