10 Bad Health Habits That Can Destroy Your Romantic Relationship

Romantic relationships take time and require commitment, support, encouragement, and communication to stay strong. Unfortunately, we live in a time when the divorce rate is high: you only have a one in two chance that your marriage will survive, a pretty depressing thought! Some believe that the high rate of divorces is due to changes in society – the diminished stigma towards divorce and women’s liberation – or the combination of bad habits and changes in your romantic relationship.
There are a lot of things that can lead to divorce or breakup: infidelity, abuse, or unhealthy and embarrassing habits. Romantic relationships often end for several reasons, but you can make things better by taking action! Here are 10 bad health habits that can destroy your romantic relationship…


Smoking is a common point of contention that frequently destroys romantic relationships. Either both partners were smoking when they met and one of them quit, or only one of the partners smoked, or the other started. No matter how it happened, the result is that you fight for the smoker to stop.

Attempts at guilt, tantrums, arguments about health and the future or about the best example to give to children… this bad habit can easily lead to breakup. Smoking is worse than unhealthy for your health, so stop to save your romantic relationship before it is destroyed.

Silence your emotions

It may not seem like a bad habit to you, but burying your feelings and not communicating them can damage your emotional health. Think back to your teenage years, and you’ll no doubt remember the intense, theatrical arguments you had with your parents after letting your resentments build up in your head.
Silencing your emotions does no service to any partner. You’ll either end up blathering everything at once by saying hurtful things, or you’ll let your emotions build up until you decide your romantic relationship isn’t worth it, without even trying to fix things.

Let yourself go

It may be pretentious to say that you shouldn’t let go when you’re in a relationship, but the health effects can be serious when you gain a lot of weight, and your partner’s concerns are real. It happens very often that people feel comfortable and stop exercising. And while you shouldn’t judge only on appearance, being overweight or obese can destroy a romantic relationship.
The good news is that you can strengthen your romantic relationship by training and staying active together. Taking classes, doing a marathon or doing physical activity as a couple is a good alternative to letting go.

Be lazy

On the one hand, being lazy is a bit like letting go, but the difference is that your actions (or in this case, your lack of effort) is unhealthy. Laziness often leads to physical inactivity, which causes an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. In addition, laziness can also affect your diet.
When you or your partner spend all day or evenings on the couch after work, you’ll end up making unhealthy food choices. Not to mention that if your laziness extends to your lifestyle, you are probably too lazy to make the necessary efforts to maintain a close-knit romantic relationship.

Alcohol abuse

Lorsque votre partenaire boit trop, les problèmes sérieux commencent. Pas besoin qu’il/elle soit considéré(e) comme un(e) alcoolique pour se préoccuper de sa santé. Mais vos craintes sont justifiées, car l’alcoolisme pourrait être l’étape suivante…
Alcohol abuse can lead to a lot of health problems like damaging the liver, heart, pancreas, brain and immune system. It also increases the risk of cancer. Alcohol abuse itself could destroy your relationship, as it leads to nastiness, abuse, unhealthy emotions, or a combination of these things. Thus, alcohol abuse can destroy your romantic relationship even faster.

Work too much/too long

Work addicts are everywhere. Nowadays, people work much more than the usual 8 hours from Monday to Friday, and this leads to many breaks. Unfortunately, it is increasingly common to check your emails in the evening or during the weekend or to work a few extra hours in the evening at home.
Being connected to work outside of office hours is unhealthy. Working too much can lead to depression, back problems, heart disease, stress and vision problems. So, quit work on time, unplug and take care of your partner instead.

Taking drugs

Whether you’re addicted or not, or you both take drugs and don’t know it’s an unhealthy habit, drugs can lead to a lot of relationship problems. Seeing the person you love take drugs is difficult and upsetting. And if you don’t stop this bad habit when your partner asks you to, it will destroy your relationship sooner, than later.
This doesn’t always happen immediately, as people who love tend to give multiple chances and hope that you will change. Drugs can damage your vital organs and kill you, and your partner shouldn’t find a good reason to stay and testify to it.

Don’t ask for help when you need it

Many people in couples may feel useless when their partner has mental disorders and needs help. Your mental health is as important as your physical health, and when you ignore an illness, your romantic relationship can suffer.
There are a bunch of mental disorders, some of which are quite common. And there are resources available to help you in any case, whether you suffer from depression, mood and anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, or eating or psychotic disorders. Ignoring these options can be damaging to your health and can destroy your relationship.


Here is another bad health habit that is not obvious, but can certainly destroy your romantic relationship. Lying is not worth it. The couple is based on honesty and trust, and if you lie, especially about something important or repeatedly, it will not last long.
In addition to causing mistrust, arguments and breakup, lying is stressful. Lying can lead to a lot of stress and cause tension in your romantic relationship. And if you lie because you’re unfaithful, stress can become extreme (assuming you have a conscience and don’t take pleasure in hurting the people you love).

Lack of physical privacy

OK, lack of sex is not a bad habit and is not going to kill you, but having sex can be good for your health. According to Prevention magazine, sexual intimacy can improve your self-esteem and immune system. It can also relieve stress and strengthen your bond with your partner.
In general, physical intimacy is an important part of romantic relationships. We have physical wants and needs, and when those needs are not met, the tension rises. If you ignore them, your relationship could suffer. Making efforts to maintain an active sex life can improve both your health and your relationship!