How To Increase Your Daily Water Intake

Add a touch of citrus

Other great infusers? Strawberries, mango, cucumbers and mint. You can also find flavored waters on supermarket shelves, but read labels carefully and pay attention to added sugars.

Bring a reusable water bottle

Carrying a refillable water bottle is a surefire way to increase your water consumption. Buy a cute one at the grocery store or mall and be sure to wash it often. Do you prefer to drink from a straw? Look for bottles with built-in straws. Do you like the idea of fruit infusion in tip number 1? There are reusable water bottles with a special section for fruit slices.

Opt for sparkling water

Because bubbles make everything more fun, try alternating still water with sparkling water. Experts say that sparkling water is as good for health as still water. Sparkling water is especially good if you’re trying to reduce your soda intake. There are even options available with a hint of flavour. Don’t forget to check these labels for added sugar or sweeteners.

Spice up your food

Think about it: a little warmth at mealtime is guaranteed to send you refreshing water directly to refresh your mouth. Try seasoning your food with a little cayenne pepper or hot sauce. There are also fantastic blends of salt-free spicy seasonings. Premium? Drinking water between bites will help you feel full faster, so you’ll be less likely to overdo it on portions.

Increase the temperature

Start your day with a cup of hot water with a drizzle of lemon. Some people prefer ice water, especially after a workout, while others find it easier to sip water at room temperature than to sip it cold. Try to change it until you find the temperature that suits you best. You may like different temperatures at different times of the day.

Use a tracking app

Set a daily goal on your phone app and update it throughout the day. You don’t want to realize at the end of the day that you still have more than half of your daily water to drink. Who wants to drink so much water before bed? Having the reminder handy can be very helpful. Some useful apps include Waterlogged for iPhone and Carbodroid for Android users. No smartphone? Set an alarm to go off throughout the day as a reminder.

Use a straw

Using a straw is one of my favourite tips for getting plenty of water in a short time. Something about sipping with a straw makes it easier to get out of the water. As mentioned in tip number 2, you can even find reusable water bottles and cups with built-in straws.